Changing the Sign-in ID format

AccuTrack ships with a default 9-digit social security ID format (999-99-9999). However, you can change this to match the format of your student's ID. For example, your college might be using a 6-digit ID instead of the default 9. This page will show you how to change the ID format.

You should change the ID format before you start using the software. If you start with one ID format and change it later on, AccuTrack will not identify returning students because their ID would be different.

To fix this problem you will need to update the existing student IDs. We developed a utility that will do this for you automatically. You will need a text file that has the old student ID and the new ID. The utility will read this file and will replace the old ID with the new one. This utility is available for free to users with Platinum Plus subscription, or for $99 for users without the subscription.

The other option is to manually edit each student's record and update it with the new ID. Since this would be a time consuming operation, it would be better to only change the ID format before adding students to the system (e.g. at the beginning of the semester).

Changing the ID Format

From System Administration click on Setup -> Options and then on the ID Setting node. You will see this screen:

Start by setting the Student ID Length by entering the minimum and maximum ID length. If the ID has a fixed length (e.g. 6), then set both the minimum and maximum to the same value.

Next enter the ID mask. The mask represents the format of the of the new student ID. Here are the accepted symbols in the mask field:



Digits and signs, such as a minus ( ) sign can be entered.


Alphabetic characters only.


Letters and digits only.


Any character can be entered.

In addition to specifying the type of the input character, you can also use special formatting symbols like - and (. These characters serve as a separators and are not recorded as part of the sign-in ID itself. For example, the mask of the social security number format is 999-99-9999.

NOTE: The ID can also be characters, and can be of variable length. This supports using an email address as the student's ID.

IMPORTANT: If you change the ID format, make sure to update your system administration ID before exiting the System Administration area. From System Administration click on Setup -> System Access -> Administrators, edit each administrator ID by double clicking on it, and update the ID to the new format. Don't forget to click 'Save' to keep your changes. If you do not do this update you will probably lock yourself out from the System Administration area!

Dual ID Support

In addition to the main student's ID, you can also use a 'card ID' for each student. Students can sign in and out with either one of these IDs. This is handy if you use and ID reader and the number on the ID is different from the student's ID number.

To set up the card ID, check the box "ID card number is different ..." and enter the minimum and maximum length of the card ID. Note that the card ID can only be digits and not characters.


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