Fixing the "Error with grdTime - Height" Error

Some AccuTrack users reported this error when trying to launch the "off times" screen:

Error # 2005
Error Loading file - record number 25. Start time <or one of its members>. Parent: Error with grd Time - Height: Expression evaluated to an illegal value.

Here is a screen shot of the error message:

Actually the screen shot above gives a hint on what's causing this error. As you can see the font size in this box is very large. It turns out that this large font size is causing the error and restoring the font to normal size fixes the problem. Here is how to do it:

1) Click with your RIGHT mouse button on a BLANK area of your desktop and click on "Properties". This will bring up your Windows "Display Properties".

2) Click on the "Appearance" tab:

3) Check the selection in the "Scheme" drop-down box. The screen shot above shows "Windows Standard (extra large)". We need to correct this:

4) select "Windows Standard" from the drop-down box - without the (extra large) or (large). Click on "Apply" to keep your changes. Windows should reset the screen:

5) The screen shot above shows the updated Scheme. Note the text size in this screen shot and compare it with the text size in the previous screen shot. You can see that the font size is now a lot smaller (normal size).

6) Launch AccuTrack and try the "Off Time" screen again. The problem should now be fixed. If not, then check your Windows "Font Size" in the "Appearance" tab of the "Display Properties" box and make sure it is set to "Normal":


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