Editing the Data Grouping

The following tip explains how to customize a the Appointment No-Shows report by changing the record's grouping from the default 'by student' to 'by date'.

Note: Steps in green font are optional.

1) Sign in to the System Administration area and click on "Reports".

2) Click on "Appointment" in the Reports List and find the report called "Appointment No-Shows ".

3) Click on the report's name with the RIGHT mouse button, you will see a pop-up box:

4) Click on "Customize this report"

5) You will see a box asking you for a name. Enter "Appointment No-Shows - by date"

6) Click "OK". You will see another box asking whether the report should be available to all. Click "Yes"

7) You will see another box asking for a tool tip for this report (this is the yellow box that appears when the mouse is on top of the report's name). Enter "No-Shows report grouped by date" and click "OK"

8) You will now see the report ready for customization in the Report Designer:

9) Click on a blank area of the report with the RIGHT mouse button"

10) You will see a pop-up menu. Click "Data Grouping..."

11) You will see the Data Grouping page:

12) Change the text in the "Group on" text box from student to APPDATE


13) Click "OK"

14) Double click on the "ALLT(Student)" field at the top of the report.

15) You will see the Field Properties box:

16) Change the text in the Expression box from "ALLT(Student) to APPDATE

17) Click "OK"

18) Double click on the APPDATE field

19) You will see the Field Properties box.

20) Change the text in the Expression box from "APPDATE" to "ALLT(Student)"

21) Click OK.

22) Double click on the Date text label

23) You will see the Label Properties box:

24) Change the text in the Caption box from "Date" to "Student"

25) Click OK

26) Change the width and position of the labels and field to give more space to the student field. Here is an example of possible layout:

27) Close the Report Designer by clicking on the Windows close button on the upper right corner:

28) You will see a box asking whether to save the report. Click "Yes"

You are finished customizing the report. To view the customized report, click on the "Customized Reports" node and then on the "Appointment No-Shows - by date" item:

You will need to also change the order of the fields. In the "Order By" box, drag "Appt Time" from the second place to the top (first click on the "Appt Time" item. An arrows button will appear next to the "Appt Time" item. Click on this button and while keeping the mouse button down, move the mouse to the top). The box should now look like this:

You are ready to view the customized report. Click "Show Report"

The customized report is now grouped by date. Here is an example:


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