Adding Group Count

The following tip explains in details how to customize a the Tutoring Sessions report by adding a count of students per tutor. The same concept applies to counting groups in other reports.

Note: Steps in green font are optional.

1) Sign in to the System Administration area and click on "Reports".

2) Click on "Tutor" in the Reports List and find the report called "Tutoring Sessions".

3) Click on the report's name with the RIGHT mouse button, you will see a pop-up box:

4) Click on "Customize this report"

5) You will see a box asking you for a name. Enter "Tutoring Sessions - with student count"

6) Click "OK". You will see another box asking whether the report should be available to all. Click "Yes"

7) You will see another box asking for a tool tip for this report (this is the yellow box that appears when the mouse is on top of the report's name). Enter "Adds student count per tutor" and click "OK"

8) You will now see the report ready for customization in the Report Designer:

9) Click on the "Page Setup" icon in the upper left side of the screen:

10) You will see the Report Properties box. Click on the "Variables" tab.

11) You will see the report's variables page:

12) Click "Add"

13) Enter "rnLines" in the Variable name box.

14) Select Group: STUDENT_ID from the "Reset value based on" drop-down:

15) Select "Count" from the Calculation type drop-down,

16) The screen should now look like this:

17) Click "Add"

18) Enter "rnStdCnt" in the Variable name box.

19) Enter "IIF(rnLines=1,1,0)" in the Value to store box

20) Select Group: TUT_ID from the "Reset value based on" drop-down:

21) Select "Sum" from the Calculation type drop-down,

22) The screen should now look like this:

23) Click "OK" to close the box.

24) Click on the 'field' icon in the report's tool bar:

25) Click on a black area in the Group Footer 1: TUT_ID band

26) You will see the Field Properties box.

27) Enter rnStdCnt in the Expression box

28) Click on the "Style" tab:

29) You will see the Style page:

30) The top of this page is for setting the font:

31) Click the Selection button to change the font.

32) You will see the Font box. Select Bold from Font style and 12 from Size and click "OK"

33) The section after that is for setting the fields' color:

34) Click the Use default foreground (pen) color box to clear it.

35) Click on the Selection button.

36) You will see the Color selection box. Click on the red color and then click "OK":

37) You should be back at the Style page. Click "OK"

38) You will see the new field in the Group Footer: TUT_ID band. You can adjust its size and position if you like:

39) Close the Report Designer screen by clicking the close button in the upper right corner of the screen:

40) Click "Yes" to save your changes.

You are finished customizing the report. To view the customized report, click on the "Customized Reports" node and then on the "Tutoring Sessions - with student count" item:

Then click on Show Report:

The customized report should now show the student's count per tutor in the new red text field:

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