Adding Tutor Signature Area

The following tip explains in details how to customize a the Tutor Payroll report by adding areas for writing more information in both the header and footer of this report. This information include Mailing Address and signature areas for both the tutor and the supervisor.

Note: Steps in green font are optional.

1) Sign in to the System Administration area and click on "Reports".

2) Click on "Tutor" in the Reports List and find the report called "Tutor Payroll".

3) Click on the report's name with the RIGHT mouse button, you will see a pop-up box:

4) Click on "Customize this report"

5) You will see a box asking you for a name. Enter "Tutor Payroll - with signature areas "

6) Click "OK". You will see another box asking whether the report should be available to all. Click "Yes"

7) You will see another box asking for a tool tip for this report (this is the yellow box that appears when the mouse is on top of the report's name). Enter "Adds tutor and supervisor signature areas" and click "OK"

8) You will now see the report ready for customization in the Report Designer:

9) Click on the "Group Header"bar and drag it down to expand the Group Header band. You'll have something like this:

10) Notice how the "logintime" and "logouttime" boxes have now shifted and are no longer in the "Detail" band as they used to be. This is a problem we need to fix. Select these fields and also their labels by dragging the mouse over all the objects and then using the down arrow key on your keyboard until the fields are back to where they need to be as shown below:

11) Now use the text label control to add labels, and the line control to add lines. Here is an example:

Tip: you can double click on the text you enter to change the font attributes.

12) This completes the header changes. Now let's make changes to the footer. Start by dragging the "Group Footer" bar down to make space in the Group Footer band:

13) No shifting occurred in the fields this time, so all we need to do is add the signature lines. Again use the text label control to add labels, and the line control to add lines. Here is an example:

14) We are done. Here is how the full customized report looks like now:

39) Close the Report Designer screen by clicking the close button in the upper right corner of the screen:

40) Click "Yes" to save your changes.

You are finished customizing the report. To view the customized report, click on the "Customized Reports" node and then on the "Tutor Payroll - with signature areas" item, then click on Show Report:

The customized report should like like this:

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