Running Data Repair

If you experience an improper shutdown while using AccuTrack, you will need to run the AccuTrack data repair utility. An improper shutdown occurs if while running AccuTrack you have a power failure, a network interruption, or a system crash.

When an improper shutdown occurs (Deluxe version 7 or later), you will see the message "Improper shutdown detected" when you launch AccuTrack:

All computers running AccuTrack from the shared database will display this message until you run the data repair utility. However, there is an option in the Options screen that you can turn on so the Improper Shutdown message is only displayed to System Administrators.

If you want to know which computer caused the improper shutdown, run the "Improper Shutdown" report from the Reports screen.

The following info shows you how to run the data repair utility. Note that this information for AccuTrack Deluxe version 7 and later. Older versions of AccuTrack do not have an integrated repair utility and you will need to download a separate repair utility called "FixData" to repair your database. If you are not using version 7 or later of AccuTrack Deluxe search the AccuTrack support forum for "FixData" for instructions.

How to do it?

From System Administration, click on "Database" and then on "Repair". You should see a status box that shows the progress of the repair operation. Note that the repair process should not take more than a few moments - actually less than one minute in most cases. If it takes a long time (e.g. over ten minutes), then there is something wrong and the repair process is not able to proceed.

Tip: If your network is slow, you can speed up the repair operation significantly by copying the needed database folder (AccuData and DataDic) to your local computer, pointing the AccuTrack software to these folders (via the Database->Databsae Location screen), and then running repair locally. Just remember to copy back the repaired files when you are finished and also to point back the software to the shared data folder instead of the local one.


IMPORTANT: The repair utility needs exclusive access to the database. This means the computer running the repair utility must be the only computer running AccuTrack at the time of repair. If you have other computers running the software or using the database, you will see the error message "Cannot access tables exclusively" when you try to run repair:

If you get this message, try the following:

(1) Make sure you exit AccuTrack from all computers. Even if a computer only shows the student sign-in screen and no one is using it, it is still using the database and needs to be shutdown. This includes the AccuTrack Plug-in software if you have it. This process is much simpler If you have AccuTrack version 8.06 or later since you can view a list of computers using the database by clicking on "Database" - "Remotely shutdown Stations". You can even force these computers to exit AccuTrack by clicking on the "Start Remote Shutdown" button. See the AccuTrack Reference Manual for the details.

(2) Make sure that the AccuTR utility is not running. Start the Windows Task Manager by hitting Ctrl-Alt-Delete and then click on the "Processes" tab and then on the "Image Name" header to sort by it. If you see "accutr.exe" or 'acutrack.exe' then kill the task by clicking once on it to highlight it and then click the "End Process" button.

(3) Make sure the computer you are using is not running two instances of the software. The best way to do this is to exit AccuTrack and then reboot the computer.

If you have done the three steps above but still having trouble, try this:

1. Find the location of your data folder, you can click on "Database" and then "Database Location". Let's assume you find your data folder is "X:\SharedFiles\AccuFiles\ AccuData".

2. Copy the AccuData and the and the DataDic folders from the server to your local computer. For example, create a folder on your C: drive and call it myAccuFiles. Copy into this new folder the AccuData folder and the DataDic folder from your shared drive. In our example, you'd copy "X:\SharedFiles\AccuFiles\AccuData" and "X:\SharedFiles\AccuFiles\DataDic" to your C:\myAccuFiles folder thus you'd end up with "C:\myAccuFiles\AccuData" and "C:\myAccuFiles\DataDic":

3. Now change the data location of your AccuTrack software to use the local copy. Click on "Database" and then "Database Location" and click on the "Select Path " button to browse and select the local data folder (in our example the "C:\myAccuFiles\AccuData" folder):

Click Save. You will need to exit and restart AccuTrack for the new settings to take effect.

4. Once you have exited and restarted the software, go to System Administration and click on "Database" and then on "Repair". The repair should run and it should finish within seconds.

5. Now that you have repaired the database, it's time to use the repaired version. Start by renaming the existing data folder on the shared drive to something else just in case. In our example rename "X:\SharedFiles\AccuFiles\AccuData" to "X:\SharedFiles\Accu Files\AccuData_0". Next copy the repaired "AccuData" folder from the local computer back to the server. In our example you'd copy the "C:\myAccuFiles\AccuData" folder to "X:\SharedFiles \AccuFiles\" folder.

6. Now that you have repaired the data files and put the repaired copy on the server, switch your local computer back so it would use the shared database on the server. Click on "Database" and then "Database Location" and use the browse window to select the shared data folder (in our example the "X:\SharedFiles\AccuFiles\AccuData" folder. Click Save then restart AccuTrack for the new settings to take effect.

NOTE: If in steps 5 or 6 above you get a message from Windows " Access is denied " then another computer is still using the shared database. Make sure all computers are off. If you still have this problem get assistance from IT support. You might end up having to unplug the network cable from the server (note that this will disconnect all running shared applications if any, so be careful) and reboot the computer.


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