How to Report an Issue with your Software

To help resolve issues you might encounter while using the software, we would need you to answer the following questions:

(1) What is your software and its full version number?

The easiest way to get this information is by launching your software and going to the System Administration area. You will find your software and its version number in the Windows title bar at the top:

In the above example, the software is "AccuTrack Deluxe" and the version number is "10.0.8".

(2) Where does this error occur?

Let us know where in the software you encounter this error. Here are some examples:

  • Main Sign-in Screen.
  • System Administration -> Setup -> Student Setup screen.
  • Appointment Wizard -> Select Tutor page.
  • Reports screen.
  • Upon launching AccuTrack and before seeing the main Sign-in screen.

(3) What action causes this error to occur?

Tell us what you were trying to do when this error occurred. For example:

  • Entering a student ID and hitting <Enter>
  • Trying to add an activity and clicking "Save"
  • Selecting appointment slot and clicking "Schedule"
  • Exporting the "Attendance by Student" report to Excel.
  • Generating the Zero Visits report.

(4) What is the full error message (if any)?

If you get an error message, make sure to copy the entire message to your error report. Just passing the error number is not helpful. For example, instead of reporting "Got an error " or "Got error 1429", copy the whole message like this: "Error #1429: OLE IDispatch exception code 0 from Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Visual FoxPro: Not a table..."

NOTE: Only the first error message is needed as the following errors are just part of the "domino effect" of that first error.

(5) Any other helpful information?

If you have any other information that would help figure out the issue, include it in your report. This might be a description on how to reprodcue the error, a screenshot of the error, a condition that triggers the error, or another action that could be a factor. For example:

  • This error only occurs with a particular student.
  • This error only occurs if the 'group filter' is checked.
  • If we get the error, we lose the appointment record.
  • We just moved the software to a new computer.
  • The issue only occurred after we upgraded to version X

Your Report

For your convenience, copy the following questions to your email message and answer them:

(1) Your software and full version number?

(2) Where does this error occur?

(3) What action causes this error to occur?

(4) What is the full error message (if any)?

(5) Any other helpful information?

Where to send it?

For support email address and other contact information please click here.


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