Screen Colors

If the AccuTrack screen looks flat or if the colors of the screen seem mottled, you might be running the computer with the wrong screen color option.

First you will need to call up the Windows "Display Properties" box. Click on a blank area on your desktop using the RIGHT mouse button. You will see a pop-up box like this one:

Select Properties. The Windows "Display Properties" box will pop up. Click on the "Settings tab." The page will look like this:

You can check the colors settings by looking in the "Colors" box. If the selected value is "16 colors" or "256" colors, high color images such as the AccuTrack screen will not look right. To change this setting, simply use the drop-down list to select "High Color" from the list.

If the list in the "Color" box only has 16 colors in it, then you are either have an old graphics card that does not support higher colors, or your computer does not have the correct driver for its graphics card. Your IT support can help you investigate this further.

To change your setting, select a new one and click OK. Some graphics cards will require that you restart Windows before the new settings take place. Others will do the change on the fly and you'll see the results immediately.


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