Using Appropriate Screen Area

If you're running AccuTrack on a dedicated sign-in station, you should run AccuTrack in the screen area the software is designed for. Here is how AccuTrack will look like if you run it in the correct area:

Notice how the application is covering the whole screen.

If you running the software with a larger screen area than needed, you will see parts of your desktop behind AccuTrack's screens. Here is an example:

If you run the application at a smaller screen area than needed, parts of the screen will not be visible and you will not be able to use them. Here is an example:

Notice how the clock on the main sign-in screen is chopped off in the screen shot above.

To setup your screen area for optimum viewing, follow these steps:

1) Call up the Windows "Display Properties" box: Click on a blank area on your desktop using the RIGHT mouse button. You will see a pop-up box like this one:

Select Properties. The Windows "Display Properties" box will pop up.

2) Click on the "Settings tab." The page will look like this:

3) The screen area tab will show what area are you currently using. Here is an example:

Adjust the screen area to match the area needed by your AccuTrack software. Your user's manual will tell you what this area should be. The early AccuTrack software (Plus, Basic, and Deluxe versions earlier than 6.0), required a 640*480 area. Older versions (AccuTrack 6, 7 and 8) required a 800*600 screen area. More recent versions including version 11 require a 1024*768 screen area.

To change the screen area, simply move the slider. To see how your screen looks like after the change, click on "Apply". To keep your changes, clock on "OK". Some graphics cards may require you restart the computer for the new settings to take effect. Others will switch the area on the fly.

Note: The minimum and maximum screen areas supported by your computer are a function of your display card and monitor. Older cards and monitors might not allow higher screen areas, and newer computers might not allow low screen areas. Also if the memory on your display card is small, the card will not allow both higher area and true color at the same time.

NOTE: AccuTrack version 11 and later allows you to 'maximize' the AccuTrack's screen. If you are running at large screen areas, this feature will allow the software to cover the entire screen. To use this feature, click Options -> General and then check the box "Maximize application's screen"


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