Sending us a Copy of your Database

On some occasions you might need to send the AccuTrack support team a copy of your database for troubleshooting or other assistance. Here is how to send your data files:

1) Locate your database folder: From System Administration click on Database and then on Database Location. You will see the path or location of your AccuTrack data folder. By default the data folder is called "AccuData".

2) Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the location of your database folder (e.g. AccuData).

3) Zip the database folder: With Windows XP you can click on the "AccuData" folder with the RIGHT mouse button. A menu will pop up. Select "Send To" and then "Compressed (zipped) folder":

When the zip operations is finished, you will see the zipped file:

4) Put a password on the zipped file. Start by double clicking on the zipped "AccuData" folder shown above. You will see the "AccuData" folder inside. Select it by clicking on it once. Next click on the "File" menu and then on "Add a Password...":

You will see a password entry box. Enter the password and click OK:

4) Attach the zipped file (e.g. to an email message and send it to

5) In a separate email message, send us your password and a detailed description of the problem you want us to check. For example, if you have a problem that occurs when a certain student signs in, include the ID number of the student, the activity and tutor you select, and the error message you get.


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