Updating Your AccuTrack Software

If you have AccuTrack 8 or later, follow these steps to update your software to the latest maintenance update version:

1. Make sure you are the only one using the AccuTrack database. Go to the Database -> Remote Shutdown screen and initiate a remote shutdown. Also hit Ctrl-Alt-Del to get the task list, click on the "Processes" tab, click on the "name" to sort by it, and make sure to kill the "Accutr.exe" if is running.

2. Run the database repair utility to reindex your data files. Click here to find out how.

3. Download the latest update of AccuTrack: From the AccuTrack System Administration screen, click "Help Center" -> "Updates" -> "Download Updates". You should see a box informing you of the latest available version number (if any). Click on "Yes" to download the update.

4. Once the download is finished, exit AccuTrack and then restart it.

5. You should see a message "Will update and run latest version". Click "OK". If you do not see this message, see NOTE 1 below.

6. The software will now launch the latest update. If your AccuTrack database needs to be updated too, the software will launch the database update utility and you will see progress information on the screen.

NOTE 1: If after restarting AccuTrack (Steps 4 and 5 above) you are still on the older version, go to System Administration -> Options screen and click on "General" node on the left. In the "Software Version Auto Update" box, make sure that the checkbox "Application auto update is enabled" is checked, and that "Auto Download" is selected. Remember to click "Save" after making changes in the Options screen.

NOTE 2: You only need to do the above procedure ONCE per database. Once you have performed the above procedure, the other computers sharing the database will automatically update themselves the next time you launch AccuTrack on these computers.


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