Upgrading Your Database

The following is the recommended database upgrade procedure. You will need to follow this procedure when you upgrade your software to a higher version with a different database structure (e.g. upgrading from AccuTrack version 7, 8,9, 10, or 11 to AccuTrack version 12). For the purpose of this procedure, we will assume you are upgrading from AccuTrack version 11 to AccuTrack version 12 .

  1. Locate your AccuTrack 11 database folder. This is the folder we want to upgrade. If you are not sure where this folder is located, launch AccuTrack 11, go to the System Administration screen, click on "Database" and then on "Database Location" and you will see the path and name of this folder (the default name is "AccuData").
  2. Backup your AccuTrack 11 database folder (e.g. AccuData) by making a copy of it.
  3. Make sure you are the only one using the AccuTrack 11 database file. The Remote Shutdown screen available via the Database node will help you verify this.
  4. Run the database repair utility in AccuTrack 11: From System Administration click on Database and then Repair. You are now ready to upgrade the database.
  5. Install AccuTrack 12 using its installation CD on your computer. Select the "Typical" installation option.
  6. When the installation is finished, browse the installation folder of AccuTrack 12 with Windows Explorer. The default installation folder for AccuTrack 12 is C:\Program Files\Accu12.
  7. You will see a folder called DataDic in AccuTrack 12 installation folder (i.e. C:\Program Files\Accu12\DataDic). This folder contains a data dictionary for AccuTrack 12.
  8. Copy the contents of the AccuTrack 12 datadic folder to the datadic folder on the shared network drive (drive that has your AccuTrack 11 database folder) and over-write the existing DataDic folder files.
  9. Launch AccuTrack 12 and point it to the shared database folder by opening the Database Location screen and selecting the shared database (go to the System Administration screen and click Database and then Database Location. Click "Select Path" and browse to select the database folder on the shared network drive). Click on Save and restart.
  10. AccuTrack 12 will detect the older version database and it will show a message that it is going to upgrade it. The software will then upgrade the database and will display a message when it is finished. The upgrade process should only take a few minutes. If you do not see any errors and get a "success" message, then your database was successfully upgraded.
  11. To upgrade other computers using the same shared database to version 12, install the AccuTrack 12 software on these computers and then use the Database Location screen to point them to the shared database folder on the network.
Tip: To avoid confusing the old and new versions of AccuTrack, we recommend you uninstall the older versions of the software once you have AccuTrack 12 up and running. To uninstall the older version, use the Windows Add/Remove Programs utility.


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